Martian Movers Mission:

To bring more responsibility and mindfulness to love, beauty, and pleasure - both in movement practices and our day to day lives. Martian Movers believes that these elements - along with framing, fueling, and focus - can allow you to revel in the glory of your own personal flow state. Why is this important? Because not only do you feel that delicious state of satisfaction but you'll also be making the world a better, more inclusive and helpful place!

Our signature program - Flow State Freedom - is the formula I (Marina) have personally used to create all my art, produce my shows, write my podcast, solve intense mathematical puzzles, and even deal with heartbreak. Now, it is the formula that 50+ of our clients have employed within their creative pursuits, too! Because the thing about the flow state is that it can make - or break - your whole life. It is the oil that keeps your engine running smoothly.

Let us help you choose a focal point, create a custom game plan to engage with it, then help you surrender yourself to that beautiful flow of life.


Choose Your Adventure:

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