Are you a dancer, a creator, or an innovator?

You probably yearn for:

  • A more deeply satisfying work / creative flow

  • Financial and lifestyle independence

  • Mental clarity and some sort of meaning or direction (with work or life)

  • Inspiration to take action on a project that you've been thinking about

  • Motivation to get "unstuck" in any are of life where you might feel there is a block

  • A way to get to know your inner self a little better

  • Some genuine excitement when you have to write content

But most importantly, it likely boils down to:

  • You want to feel more love, beauty, and pleasure in your life.

  • You want to heal what is unwell within.

  • You want to ease the burden of your every day living

  • You want to share your brilliance with the world unapologetically.

  • You want a different lens from which to view your life's work as a whole.


Can you relate to any of the following statements?

  • "I lack confidence in my ability to express myself"

  • "I wish I could tap into my full potential."

  • "I want passion but I just feel so drained all the time."

  • "I feel stuck where I am, and weighed down... by debt, by circumstance, by myself."

  • "Even though I have proof I'm talented, I still feel like an impostor."

  • "I want to develop a daily routine that better integrates my passion into my lifestyle."

  • "I am often paralyzed by the perfectionism monster and it causes me to procrastinate."

  • "I have clear intentions and goals, but something is still holding me back that I can't quite put my finger on!"




Flow State Freedom was designed to help creatives unlock their best flow yet by integrating their passions into their lifestyle through science-backed and data-driven movement and mindfulness prompts so they can cultivate the healthiest relationship possible to the flow of life (say goodbye to feeling stuck!)

The Flow State is defined as the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process or activity. When we tune in, we come alive.

This 30 day program gives you the tools to manually hop into this flow state ride whenever you desire as well as actionable steps to clear out the white noise in order to create your best work!

The Flow State Freedom program goes deep.

Here's how it works:

There are a total of 3 separate modules that ensure we take a holistic approach to flow:

  1. Framing (let's get perspective)

  2. Fueling (find out what makes you "go")

  3. Focus (let's get to work and build some endurance)


Like all great things, there is a responsibility that comes along with its use. If aimed the wrong way, you can be pulled out of alignment fast and hard. If aimed no where, you'll go no where quickly, too. If aimed intentionally, success is inevitable.

We believe in building lifelong, sustainable habits to protect the inner flame

instead of getting burnt by it.

Risk is part of the game.

Don't give it any more credit than it deserves,

but do give it the attention it deserves.





"How long is this program and when will we see results?!"

  • This program's lessons are emailed to you once daily for 30 days.

  • This program begins on the 1st of every odd month (January, March, May, July, September, November).

  • This program is also affectionately known as the "Flow State Freedom 30 Day Challenge" because if you stick with the material on a daily basis, it will transform your entire life by the time you flip your calendar to the new month! I'm so sure of it, I actually guarantee it.

  • If you finish the challenge in 30 days and don't feel like you learned anything, I'll give you a full refund (you just have to prove to me that you completed all 60 prompts within 30 days and still have no evidence of change).

  • If it takes you longer than 30 days to complete the program - no worries, we'll get into those details down below. (Spoiler alert: the more you put in, the more you'll get out)​

Habits take 30-60 days to form.

Not only does the Flow State Freedom program give you the tools,

but it also provides the support and framework so you can focus on enjoying the journey

instead of feeling overwhelmed.

6 months of hardcore focus and alignment can put you 5 years ahead in life.

Don’t underestimate the power of consistency and desire.

Let's start your journey off strong.

Let me tell you more about what this program is NOT:

  • An exact road map to anywhere

    • TAKEAWAY: FSF is designed to help you enjoy the journey AND provide you with tools to help you realize what destination is best for you. FSF is here to help you find exactly where and when you flow best. The more you put in, the more you will get out. This will change your life.​

  • Effortless

    • TAKEAWAY: Effort is a sign you're in the right place. This is meant to be challenging, introspective, mindful. It is meant to break you open so that you can set yourself free.

  • ​"Just some woo woo shit"

    • FSF is backed by science!


"So, what makes you qualified to run something like this?" Here's a list of links to give you a little background about myself (Marina Mars, your program architect and coach):


But enough about me, let's meet the rest of Team Martian!

There are 6 special guests that each teach one lesson within the Flow State Freedom Program.


Chelsee Ramos

IG: @chels_moves

  • 20 years tumbling experience

    • Milwaukee Bucks tricker

  • 11 years competitive cheer

    • 3x national champion

  • 10 years coaching experience

  • 5 years yoga practice

    • 200hr RYT

  • 2 years dance experience

  • CEO of @elev8edmovement​​



IG: @_gribbz_

  • Videographer and editor

  • Performer

  • Shuffle instructor 

  • 4.5 years dance experience

    • Shuffle

    • Freestyle

  • Leader of Kinetic Amity Shuffle crew

  • Shuffle community leader in Arizona 

  • CEO of @empowermelbourneshuffle​​


Albert Corbett

IG: @cloutbert_

  • 12 years dance experience

    • Ballet​

    • Modern

    • Contemporary

    • Poppin

    • Krump

    • House

  • Military veteran

  • Member of NGX Dance Crew

  • Member of SMASH outreach program for inner city youth in San Antonio, TX

Elyse Elaine

 IG: @themarilynwithmelanin


  • Choreographed for Bay Area's Flash Mob and SF's Iconic Dance Collective.

  • 18 month residency w/ Supperclub SF as Chanteuse and Emcee.

  • Coproducer of Womanopoly 2011-16

  • Burlesque Teacher at The Burlesque Hall of Fame Museum

  • Member of the Burlesque Troupe HAUS OF GLAMOUR

  • Radio host with Vegas Radio Station Hot 702.5FM 

As outlined above, the Flow State Freedom Program can be experienced from two different perspectives:

  • Self Study (Read Only)

  • VIP (w/ 1:1 coaching and additional access to me during office hours!)


***The T&C's of each package can be found on the registration page!***

The BEST part about this program?!? It is all hosted via email. This means:

  • Lifetime access to all material

  • No censorship! Hooray!

  • Total privacy. This is YOUR journey. No one will know what we discuss but you and I. Client confidentiality is of the upmost importance to me. 

  • If you want community, you can choose to join the party over on Instagram (@martianmovers)

  • Want to go at a slower pace? Maybe you want the program to last 30 weeks instead of 30 days to really do a deep dive into yourself. Or maybe you only have time on the weekends. That's all AMAZING! Since its your inbox, you can open the emails whenever you want to!


Lastly, when the program comes to an end,

that doesn't mean the party has to.

ALL Martian Mover Alumni receive who retake the live program for additional conversation and coaching with Marina will receive $50 off the VIP package (same email address or credit card must be used in order to qualify for discount).

"What's the advantage of taking the challenge again if we already have lifetime access?"

My favorite poet once said:

"I surrendered myself and found myself at the tree of life, injecting my story into the veins of leaves only to find that stories, like forests, are subject to season."

What Saul WIlliams is getting at here is that we're constantly evolving. So is this material. Martian Movers is a living, breathing philosophy of the mind and the body. The material updates slightly with every round. Additionally, you may find that structure and conversation allows you to focus and double down on your growth.




If you'd like to see what previous students have said about this challenge, see below!





See you on the other side!



PS: IF you've got any questions at all, please just shoot me an email and I'll let you know what info I've got!

PSS: You will receive your first email on day one of the challenge (day one of the month purchased). Please be sure to add “” to your email address book now. That way, it won’t be marked as spam and I’ll end up in your inbox - where I belong <3

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