Hey Martian!


Thank you for trusting me with guiding you into the next step of your journey. You’ve spent the past month taking inventory of your life and your passion. You’ve made decisions to clear out white noise and amplify your focal point. In doing so, you’ve optimized your flow state! You’ve created a roadmap of where you want to go, and you’ve learned how to protect space for what matters. Congratulations! 


You’ve also learned that finding and maintaining balance are two totally separate things. If the Flow State Freedom program showed you what balance looks and feels like, then the Deep Flow State Implementation program is here to help you learn how to maintain it on a high level - professionally.


The goal of the Deep Flow State Implementation program is to manifest what you’ve spent the last month meditating on into your physical reality - TENFOLD. For some people, this is a passion project (one time, big SHABANG like planning an epic event, leveling up for a dream job position, creating your own dance/fitness class) and for others, this is the entrepreneurial launching point of total lifestyle independence.


The vibe of this program is DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT than Flow State Freedom. In FSF, it was as if we were removed from the timeline and playing within our dreams. The prompts were open ended and up for interpretation. I gave you open ended QUESTIONS. I am the rabbit that lead you down the rabbit hole. In the Deep Flow State Implementation program, we’re done with the initial awakening - you have arrived. It is time to materialize even more abundantly and double down on the foundations we’ve laid. 


Brooke Yoder, CEO of Footwork Fitness

Gribbz, CEO of Empower Melbourne Shuffle

Here’s how it works:


  • 1 hour 1:1 coaching session per week for 3 months

    • Why three months? We are playing the long game, my friend. If you are looking to put something together quick with shortcuts, I am not the coach for you. If you are looking to build something sustainable and powerful, let’s keep talking.

    • Price: $2997

    • Payment plans available, please email for more information.

  • Looking for more of a long term coaching package?

    • Take the Deep Flow Implementation Program for 7 months!

    • Price: $4997 (that’s one FULL month for free)

    • Payment plans available, please email for more information.

  • Have a question but your weekly meeting doesn’t come up for a few days? No sweat! You’ll also have email access to me. Ask me a question and I’ll reply during standard business hours.

  • Areas of Entrepreneurial Coaching:

    • Mindset

    • Starting new systems

    • Documentation and automation

    • Biz organization

    • Profitable focal points

    • Market positioning

    • Generating leads

    • Making sales calls

    • Social media (IG, YouTube only)

    • (Anything NOT on this list, I can direct you towards people / programs I trust)

  • Areas of Passion Project Coaching:

    • This will majorly depend on your goal, but nevertheless, if you have a strong focal point and motive, I’m here to help you break your goal down into bite sized, tangible pieces that allow for daily action, recovery, and rest. This goes about 10 steps deeper than the FSF program because instead of me answering every inquiry with another mindful question (lol), I give straight forward answers with specific calls to action.

    • Beyond mindset and systems, if I happen to know anyone in the realm of your passion, I’d be happy to offer introductions to bridge the gap!

  • A note on coaching: In this program, I become a LOT more hands on.

    • If you’re creating a business and want to create a monthly revenue goal, I walk you through some formulas and spit out an exact to do list of how to structure your month. So I’m not just giving advice, I’m giving you actionable strategies. You just need to show up, protect space, and stay curious.

    • If you’re creating a dance class, I have templates that provide structure to ensure your students will come back with RAVING testimonials.

    • If I don’t have a template, I’ll most likely create one WITH YOU!

    • Let’s take this meta - I will TEACH YOU how to create your OWN templates too.

    • I don’t want you to become dependent on me, I want you to be able to thrive on your own! Therefore I pull back the curtains on how I run my own business so that you can really see how not-rocket-science this all is.

  • Scheduling: goal is to make these meetings themselves a practice of consistency! We will pick a time slot that is the same every week (ex. Tuesdays at 2pm)

    • If there’s a week that needs a bit of flexibility, that’s cool! The following week would just resume the same consistency we set at the beginning of the program.

  • Email me a list of topics or questions you want to go over 24 hours before our scheduled meeting so I can come with resources / templates / suggested gameplan ready

    • Bulldog strategy: we will not popcorn more than 2 topics per coaching session because we want to fill each glass first - not add one drop to several cups.


If this sounds great to you, then here’s your first homework assignment:

  • Send me an email at

    • Subject of email: I’M READY FOR THE DEEP FLOW STATE

    • Body of email: 

      • Make a list of what you need help with OR make a list of what you DON’T need help with (I’ll be able to decipher what you need from either perspective)

      • Tell me when you’re free in the next 7 days so we can set up a free 30 minute intro meeting.

      • If I genuinely don't think I can help you, I will try to send you to someone who can.


If this is something you do not need in your life as the Flow State Freedom program was enough for you, then I just want to thank you SO MUCH for participating and putting your best foot forward. I’m genuinely so fn proud of you for putting in the work. It is not easy.


You are my hero.





© 2020 byMarina Mars