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The Functional Mixology Method

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***PRE SALE IS LIVE! COURSE ACCESS BEGINS MONDAY, JULY 8th 2024. IMMEDIATE BONUS CONTENT READY FOR INSTANT ACCESS!*** NOTE: All pricing will increase on Friday, June 21st Keep Your Bar Profitable Even When Others Struggle: Learn the functional menu design methodology we use to destroy the notion of a “slow season” in your bar & take care of your customers year-round 💸💕 ​We help bars, restaurants, CPGs, and event companies create and communicate their beverage offerings most effectively through the use of better menu design, menu presentation, and functional marketing practices. “The Functional Mixology Method" is designed to help hospitality businesses create non-alc beverage menus that not only defy the typical slow seasons but also drive financial and functional success. It introduces our four-step signature menu creation method, focusing on: holistic herbalism for balanced offerings, unique design and storytelling for engaging and distinctive menus, smart sourcing and pricing strategies for cost-efficiency, and effective education techniques for staff and consumers. This comprehensive program aims to transform how venues conceptualize and offer non-alc drinks, turning them into profitable and popular menu items year-round. If you serve alcoholic beverages - no worries, these methodologies and basic design principles still apply to you. Plus, it’s 2024 - all bars deserve at least a few fantastic non-alc options! What’s included: This is a self-paced DIY 5-module online course that INCLUDES an hour-long one-on-one session available to you when you’ve completed the course, so we can collaborate on launching your next menu! Modules: Intro to the course + Preface to Functional Mixology Holistic Herbalism and Balance Unique Design and Storytelling Sourcing Products and Vendors Educating Serving Staff & Customers Online course: $997 value One-on-one menu consultation: $1,000+ value Yours for only $497

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