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The Flow State Mastery Course

  • 90Days
  • 48Steps
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Welcome to Functional Flow Academy's flagship Flow State Mastery Course 🥳 Here's the details: THE PURPOSE OF THIS COURSE: It takes about 30-90 days to build habits and break habits. This course gives you the framework to analyze what's clogging up your creative process, cut away what's not working, fertilize what is working, and reignite any diminishing flame that may have been buried by stress, fear, or lack of clarity / meaning. THE BENEFITS OF THIS COURSE: 💪 Daily movement 💪 Daily mindfulness 💪 Video lectures to dive deeper into each topic 💪 A community to experience this growth process with 💪 Inspiration to destroy imposter syndrome 💪 Increased confidence, which makes arriving into the flow state a deeper and more satisfying experience 💪 Decrease in confusion, anxiety, stress, and self sabotage 💪 Increased ability to be grateful, which can decrease symptoms of depression 💪 AND SO MUCH MORE! WHO THIS COURSE IS FOR: Anyone who has 10-30 minutes available per day and wishes to increase the connection between their passion and their lives. This course is especially for those who wish to make an energetic shift in life but feel stuck or "too busy" to figure it out without structure. WHO THIS CHALLENGE IS NOT FOR: Those who are not currently open to a period of self growth 🚫 The more effort you put into this experience, the more impactful it will be 🙏

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